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Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnerships' Community Plan for Consultation

Wednesday 9th August, 2017

The Community Plan focuses on improving outcomes and reducing inequalities for the whole of the Scottish Borders. The Community Plan is now out for public consultation- Link to the consultation draft: along with an online survey for consultation responses. Please note that the public consultation is due to close on Saturday 16 September

The Bridge Newsletter - February 2017
Our latest Newsletter is out now
Online Safety
The NSPCC have refreshed their advice on Online Safety:- Parents, Teachers and other professionals would find the advice helpful to bring them up to speed on current trends. Have a look at the link.
Volunteer Drivers welcomed
Join our team of volunteer drivers - become a Volunteer Driver and make someone's day! Have you an hour or so to spare? Volunteer drivers are always welcomed. You can choose how many hours you want to do, what journeys you want to do and when. even one hour a week can make a difference!  Tr...
Flourishing Borders – Happiness Habits Cafés
Flourishing Borders is a project that encourages good mental health and wellbeing among older people in The Scottish Borders. The project runs until March 2017.o   We are going to run some “Happiness Habits Cafés” for older adults starting in September 2016.o ...
Equally Fit - Ending Health Inequalities for People with Serious Mental Illness
What is Equally Fit?This is a project that has been developed as a partnership between Support in Mind Scotland and Bipolar Scotland to tackle the unacceptable inequality between physical and mental health care for people who live with mental illness. We know that more must be done to stop peop...
Meeting of Minds
Meeting of Minds is a parent led support group which gives parents and care givers the opportunity to connect with key professionals in a relaxed and friendly environment. We support families in helping their children with additional/complex needs. We’re already developing positive relationshi...

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